Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3521 Terrifying Aura

Chapter 3521  Terrifying Aura

Davis nodded. This should be a good buffer for his women to not get mad at him for having so many women. Isabella might've considered it a happy occasion, but as for others, not so much.

But more importantly, he would use this time to get to know more about Mira.

He had not treated Mira properly or spoke to her much, considering the sacrifices she made for the family. The condition was only there for him to get to know her more and capture her heart in both body and soul.

Since he was going to wife up a dragon, he better do it in a thorough way, or else, she might go sideways if she saw another stronger being.

Such was the impulse of a female dragon. They were not female phoenixes to consider loyalty and fidelity as the foremost virtue, and he didn't expect of them. He was going to imbue them with a reason to stay loyal.

Mira might be different as she followed Isabella, but that was what he did and would always do with his actions.

"From now on, send Mira to my side when I request it. I will train with her in both body and essence cultivation to improve my techniques as I believe she could handle it all."

Davis said.

She was the only one whom he didn't feel awful to attack because her defensive prowess was off the charts. She could take it and take some more, but he didn't want to go there right now, only wanting to get to know her more, and if the relationship accelerated, he wasn't aversed to bedding her before she reached the Empyrean Stage.

It was only a placeholder to handle Mira's growing sexual urges.

"Understood." Isabella sighed with relief.

Since he had the idea to accept Mira, a burden came off her shoulders.

As Mira's master, she knew the best, but she also agreed this was too soon for Mira as she was still young. Heck, she could still remember that little dragon hiding behind her leg and watching Davis when she first met him after a long time in the Fifty-Two Territories. It was clear as day.

Davis had grown from a kid to a fine man, causing her to feel nostalgic and amused. Nonetheless, as Mira's master, she knew Mira needed to be taught to be a good wife as she was extremely carefree by nature, doing as she pleased, and her Emperor-Tier advancement only made her more arrogant, sometimes not even listening to her own advice.

If this place wasn't full of resources and Mira wasn't willing to protect her or the place, Isabella knew Mira would've long left this place in order to become stronger. Every dragon had the innate urge to leave the nest, so it was a no-brainer to teach Mira more.

Besides, she was still like a teenager, having no elegance or the maturity of an Emperor-Tier Dragon.


Abruptly, Mira pecked Davis's lips and ran off, appearing like she had won a challenge or something before she left the chamber.

Davis's lips curled, licking his lips as he savored her taste as that inexperienced dragon gave him a plump kiss.

He absolutely didn't dodge that move of hers, even though he saw it coming.

"Some feisty dragon you have nurtured, Isabella."

"Hmph~ Don't talk to me."

Isabella was also shaking her head at Mira's playful action, which confirmed Mira was still young, but she harrumphed and turned around, appearing to leave.

However, with a flicker, Davis appeared before her path, blocking the exit.


His soul undulations throttled and surged forth, wrapping Isabella in a quagmire as it caused her eyes to widen and her heart to be stricken with fear.

"Tell me. What do you think of my soul aura?"


Isabella shuddered, "Such oppressive undulations… I would say that it is just one level below the annihilative tribulation aura- no, just as equal- no, further…?"

Davis couldn't help but chuckle, trying to find where his soul aura stood.

Even he couldn't place a finger around it as its arrogance felt as bad as the heavens, yet not so reaching, which confused him and everyone. He had no other word than empyreal to define it as it simply didn't take insults or slights, but with Mira, he was finally able to cast off that influence to a large margin.

He didn't think it would affect him significantly anymore, but it was still as arrogant as ever, cowing Isabella into submission.

"Come here."

He beckoned with his finger in a rude manner, causing Isabella to purse her lips and appear humiliated.

She felt highly compelled to move under these oppressive undulations as though saying no would mean her death even though she couldn't find any murderous intent. She moved forward and ended up standing before him but was forced to lower her head as she couldn't look him in the eye.

"I understand… I was wrong…"

She finally understood how terrifying his new, improved soul was. It actually made her Earth Dragon Soul cower in fright. She also remembered how Mira felt fear when the change in her emotions began, causing her to exit seclusion and visit to see what was going on, but now, she understood well.

He needed to absolutely suppress this soul, or they wouldn't look at him the same. There would be more fear instead of love and respect.

Suddenly, she felt the oppressive aura disperse, causing her to heave a breath and look at his face, knowing that he was the same Davis.

"I'm glad you understood, but-"

Davis grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him, holding her in an embrace.

"You tried to sneak in Mira without the consent of the harem council. Do you know what kind of mistake is that? It could've seriously damaged your reputation, and female bullying is ruthless. They will give you the silent treatment and exclude you…"

Isabella gasped, appearing like she had finally realized what she had done.

The harem council that was supposed to restrict Davis also restricted her as well!?

It looked like she failed to account for that as she looked quite surprised, but she shook her head at him.

"My sisters won't do that…"

"Of course, they wouldn't, but why are you giving them a reason? Since the laws are established, follow it, my Empress."

Davis smiled, causing Isabella to consider it for a moment before she nodded.

"Let me go. I still haven't forgiven you for using Mira to harm yourself."

Davis wanted to roll his eyes.

Logic was one thing, and emotions were another. He couldn't tell her not to feel unhappy about it, but he sure could give her some bone therapy.

His hand sneaked above her shapely hips and her salacious buttocks before caressing her lower lips.


Isabella shuddered as she glared at him. He found that she was wet!

"My Empress, you're quite the naughty woman to become wet from my oppressive undulations…"

"That's because it's you!"

Isabella grabbed his collars and roared, although silently and embarrassedly.

Davis said nothing and stripped off her clothes, watching her wonderful bosoms bounce before him as it seduced him before he groped and sucked on them with love and desire.

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