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Chapter 2661 - Chapter 2661: Vessel Capture

Chapter 2661: Vessel Capture

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Even after eight days of facing this power, the Heart of the Saint Kingdom’s vessel still couldn’t capture it.

However, during these eight days, he gained a new understanding of the vessel.

This particular vessel seemed to be linked to his power. Although it was captured at random, the stronger his soul power became, the greater the likelihood of capturing it.

Furthermore, with each attempt, the vessel seemed to instinctively capture a familiar internal qi.

After using Zhuang Zhou’s Dream Butterfly each day, Qin Yu would engage in combat with Elder Xin Yue’s battle clone.

Surprisingly, in one instance, he managed to capture the power of the Soaring Wind Slash technique. This left Xin Yue astonished.

In recent times, that feeling of being able to capture grew increasingly stronger.

“Have all the previous attempts failed?” Xin Yue asked curiously.

As the natives of the Heart of Saint Kingdom couldn’t interact with it directly, they didn’t comprehend its power. However, with her wisdom, Elder Xin Yue could make a rough guess.

During the recent attempts, she deliberately slowed down the casting speed and focused on the manifestation of the power.

“I failed before, but it seems like I’m getting closer to success in the past few days. It’s just that I’m always falling short by a little,” Qin Yu admitted.

Through these interactions over the past few days, Qin Yu had developed complete trust in Elder Xin Yue.

He felt deeply grateful that she had spent so much precious time to help him understand such a high-level technique.

“When I cast it next time, try to comprehend how the Soaring Wind Slash captures the opponent’s internal qi and pulls them towards you,” Xin Yue suggested, realizing Qin Yu’s intention to comprehend her supreme technique.

As the figure before him blurred, Qin Yu abruptly activated his Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze.

With intense focus, the eyes of the Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze almost materialized, aiming to imprint the spatial power completely into his vision.

Traces of dreamy internal qi locked onto Qin Yu’s divine soul.

It felt like a dream not a dream, like a butterfly not a butterfly.

Between the shifting realms of dream and reality, everything appeared both fake and real.

In this liminal space between dream and reality, any damage suffered by his true body could be converted into the dream realm, to be fully nullified upon awakening.

Even after witnessing it almost ten times, Qin Yu couldn’t help but close his eyes in awe.

This was the pinnacle of the Daoist cultivation technique, a power that, when wielded correctly, could produce astounding effects.

As the last of the butterflies dispersed, Elder Xin Yue’s battle clone returned to reality.

She was somewhat astonished. In her divine sense, Zhuang Zhou’s Dream Butterfly Technique seemed to have a trace of power that disappeared mysteriously, as if it had been stolen.

When Qin Yu opened his eyes, the Heart of Saint Kingdom within his divine sense emitted a brilliant light.

A misty aura circulated within the Heart of Saint Kingdom, with countless butterflies gracefully fluttering within it.

Zhuang Zhou’s Dream Butterfly.

Qin Yu laughed heartily and snapped his fingers with his right hand.

Activating the skill of the Heart of Saint Kingdom, a dream-like figure reappeared beside Qin Yu.

“Oh?” Xin Yue gasped.

Despite her previous speculations, seeing the truth before her still left her deeply surprised.

“Let me try,” Xin Yue said as she moved her body, her palm already on Qin Yu’s shoulder.

With a push, half of Qin Yu’s shoulder exploded.

From the terrifying wound, a butterfly emerged and slowly spread its wings.

In the next moment, Qin Yu landed in front of Elder Xin Yue with a smile on his face, his body completely unscathed.

As Elder Xin Yue moved, Qin Yu’s legs were once again broken by her kick.

As the dream-like light flashed, Qin Yu returned to before he had been injured.

“What an enigmatic cultivation technique. Even if I were to perform it, I wouldn’t be able to do it so effortlessly. Moreover, it seems to not affect your divine soul. After I perform it, my soul would also be invaded by this power. I

would have to meditate deeply for a long time to dispel this influence, otherwise, I would gradually lose the ability to distinguish between dreams and reality. However, after you perform it, it seems to have no effect at all,” Xin Yue said, her expression filled with shock.

She had never expected Qin Yu to possess such a transcendent technique.

“Is this the power of the Heart of Saint Kingdom?”

“Indeed, Elder Xin Yue, this power is called the Order of Vessel. It automatically captures a type of power, but there’s a certain probability involved. Based on my current analysis, the higher the level of the power, the more difficult it is to capture. And once it’s used, there’s a cooldown period of nearly ten days.” Qin Yu looked at the dimming vessel, his expression turning wry.

The cooldown time indeed seemed to be directly correlated with the level of the power. Surprisingly, the duration of Zhuang Zhou’s Dream Butterfly’s skill usage was even longer than that of the Seal of Heaven Returning.

“If it’s the power of the Heart of Saint Kingdom, then it’s understandable. Otherwise, it would be too extraordinary. The technique I spent my whole life comprehending was replicated so easily. It’s hard not to feel a twinge of envy.” Xin Yue said with a bitter smile.

“Thank you, Elder Xin Yue. If there’s anything I can do in the future, I’ll do my best.”

Qin Yu expressed his gratitude sincerely. He had initially asked tentatively, but he hadn’t expected Xin Yue to wholeheartedly help him comprehend her strongest power. This gesture showed her true character.

Qin Yu couldn’t justify himself if he didn’t express his gratitude after receiving such benefits.

“Follow your heart. I trust what I perceive and I trust your good intentions. It’s a mutual exchange. You reap what you sow.”

Xin Yue shook her head, her face suddenly turning pale.

Her body trembled slightly as she waved at Qin Yu.

“You may leave now. I’ll be going into seclusion for a while. Using Zhuang Zhou’s Dream Butterfly for so many days has begun to backfire on me. If I don’t dispel this backlash soon, it might seriously affect my future condition. Go see

Jing Xin now. I’ve already arranged some other matters.”

Qin Yu’s throat bobbed a few times, but ultimately, no words came out.

He knelt on the ground, bowing deeply in the direction Xin Yue had left.

Using such high-level power inevitably came with severe backlash. The fact that it had weakened Elder Xin Yue to such an extent indicated the level of consumption.

Slowly, he walked out of the Dao lecture hall, feeling as though he had returned to the mortal world.

For nearly ten days, Zhuang Zhou’s Dream Butterfly also affected his divine soul, leaving it feeling extremely weak..

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