Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 2409 - 2409 Spatial One's Embarrassment, All From Pan Gu Sect Felt Like Monarchs

2409 Spatial One’s Embarrassment, All From Pan Gu Sect Felt Like Monarchs

It had been a few thousand years since Chu Kuangren showed himself to the public, yet his reputation remained strong. Quite the opposite, he became even more reputable as time went by.

Whenever a new leaderboard appeared, there was a high chance his name would be in the first place.

He never showed up, but everyone knew his name.

Chu Kuangren became the biggest legend of the era.

“It’s Chu Kuangren!”

“He’s here!”

“So he’s ranked first on the Divine Bachelor Leaderboard, the Formation Leaderboard, the Weaponsmith Leaderboard, and all sorts of leaderboards?”

“He’s indeed one of a kind!”

“He’s so handsome!”

The cultivators from different tribes looked at Chu Kuangren in awe.

Some female cultivators were instantly infatuated with him.

However, there were also a number of them who harbored hostility against him, such as the Spatial One, Zhu Yang, Dao Lingtian, who was also a human, and some other beings in hiding.

“Chu Kuangren, you have finally arrived!”

“My hatred for you has only increased in the past few thousand years!”

Chu Kuangren received many hostile gazes, but he was unfazed. He had seen a lot of unfriendly people in his entire life.

“You people say we humans are not worthy of being the main lead of the universe, yet you don’t even reflect on yourselves,” Chu Kuangren said as he glanced over the other tribes.

His gaze carried a frosty sword intent.

Those who locked eyes with him were deterred, including Monarchs.

“It’s been a few thousand years. I wonder where his cultivation level is at. Has he manifested his own avatar and domain?”

“A common Monarch might take tens of millions of years from the moment he ascended to manifest his own avatar, but you shouldn’t measure Chu Kuangren with common sense. Although it’s only been a few thousand years, he probably has manifested his avatar.”

“His aura is much more profound than before.”

Chu Kuangren’s arrival silenced every Monarch.

Many of them remembered how he killed the Void Ruler with the Human Ancestor’s sword like it was yesterday.

“Chu Kuangren, it’s been a while,” the Spatial One said while temporarily putting his hatred away.

“You seem polite, but you wish you could kill me on the spot. Spatial One, save the hypocrisy, and let’s be real.” Chu Kuangren sneered at him.

The Spatial One wanted to argue about how different he was compared to a few thousand years ago, but then he spotted Hun Meier beside Chu Kuangren.

Hun Meier was staring at Chu Kuangren with the utmost admiration. She did not even spare a glance at her ex-fiance!

The Spatial One could no longer keep calm. He stared at Hun Meier and said coldly, “Hun Meier, you’ve ascended to the Monarch Realm as well.”

Hun Meier only regained her composure when she heard her name. She looked at Spatial One and smiled. “Hey, isn’t this my poor ex-fiance? Long time no see.”

Poor ex-fiance?

The way Hun Meier addressed the Spatial One hurt the man.

A ferocious aura erupted from him, tearing the void around him into shreds.

“Hun Meier, I swear I will rip you and Chu Kuangren to shreds!” the Spatial One said with clenched teeth.

His words made the other cultivators fall into an uproar.

“Wait a minute! So Hun Meier canceled the wedding with the Spatial One because of Chu Kuangren? Did the Spatial One get cuckolded?”

“Poor b*stard.”

“I don’t think so. The two of them weren’t married.”

“If I were her, I would choose Monarch Chu as well.”

“The Spatial One is nothing compared to Monarch Chu.”

A heated discussion sparked among the cultivators, and the Spatial One heard them all.

It was then he realized he just made a fool of himself.

Confronting Hun Meier before the public would be equal to telling everyone that his woman chose another man over him. He had embarrassed himself!

“Look at him. Meier is right. He’s not that bright,” the Soul Tribe Leader said as he looked at the Spatial One and shook his head.

Despite having unrivaled talents and fortune energy, with that personality and patience of his, even if he became an Ultimate Monarch, he would not achieve anything big.

He was not just falling behind Chu Kuangren; he was lightyears away.

Chu Kuangren founded the Pan Gu Sect and developed it into one of the strongest forces in the Great Hongmeng Universe.

Yet, all the Spatial Tribe knew how to do was leech off the Spatial Tribe.

The Soul Tribe Leader was glad that the marriage union between the Spatial Tribe and Soul Tribe was canceled.

“Thank goodness the wedding was canceled back then.”

Meanwhile, Chu Kuangren looked at the Spatial One, who had a grim look on his face, and scoffed as if he was looking at a clown.

He could sense that the Spatial One was a lot stronger than before.

However, nothing would change because the Spatial One would still have to kneel before him.

“Holy cow! Look!”

Someone in the crowd cried out loud.

Everyone then turned to the door and the number that it displayed.

Five hundred thousand of Fortune Level?

Everyone was shocked.

In front of the door was a woman in white who had a face veil over her face — it was Mingyue Wuxia, the number one Divine Maiden of the human race!

She smiled at the number displayed above her.

As the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor’s sword spirit, it was normal for her to have such a high Fortune Level. It was also the reason why she could reincarnate into who she was today.

If she did not reincarnate, her Fortune Level would easily surpass five hundred thousand.

“I can’t believe Mingyue Wuxha has such a high Fortune Level!”

The Heavenly Saint was shocked.

At the same time, he started to regret kicking her out of the Heavenly Human Sanctuary back then.

She used to be the Divine Maiden of the sanctuary, but she was forced to leave because of the Heavenly Saint’s selfish desire.

Now, the sanctuary realized they had lost a huge amount of fortune energy.

“A door that displays one’s fortune energy? Interesting.”

Chu Kuangren rubbed his chin.

Lan Yu and the others were eager to have their fortune energy tested.

“Master, I’d like to go and have a try.”


As soon as Lan Yu appeared before the door, the door displayed her Fortune Level — four hundred and ninety thousand!

It was almost the same as Mingyue Wuxia’s!

Everyone was shocked that, other than Chu Kuangren, there were two more cultivators with such high Fortune Levels in Pan Gu Sect.

The two of them would probably become Unlimited Great Dao in the future.

What happened next continued to surprise everyone.

The cultivators of the Pan Gu Sect took turns stepping into the door to have their fortune energy checked.

The numbers were displayed at the door.

Chu Hong had a Fortune Level of three hundred and eighteen thousand.

Shang Honghua had a Fortune Level of three hundred and fifty thousand.

Ye Zhu had a Fortune Level of one hundred and eighteen thousand.

Yu Zhi had a Fortune Level of two hundred thousand.

Jue Wushen had a Fortune Level of one hundred and ninety thousand.

All members of the Black Heaven Nine Stars achieved more than a hundred thousand, proving that each of them was stronger than Dao Lingtian.

On top of that, the Fortune Level of the Three Clarities, Fuxi, Nuwa, and the others ranged between one hundred and fifty thousand to two hundred thousand as well.

Even the most common Grand Dao cultivators of the sect had a Fortune Level of more than ten thousand.

The scene silenced everyone.

A common Monarch’s Fortune Level would range around 10,000, and everyone in the Pan Gu Sect had a higher Fortune Level than a Monarch.

What kind of sect was it?

It was absurd!

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