My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 1880 - Chapter 1880: Mountain of “Treasures”

Chapter 1880: Mountain of “Treasures”

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“Trade! Master, the pearls here are big and beautiful. We’re going to be rich!” The big snow wolf said to its master excitedly as it pulled at the large pearls of all colors scattered all over the ground.

As soon as the big snow wolf finished speaking, the Fantastic Ribbon also hurriedly chimed in, “Right, right, Master, these corals are so beautiful. If they’re placed in the space, they’ll definitely be extremely beautiful!”

“Oh, oh, oh! Master, Master, let’s trade. Master, you can even draw inscriptions on these things and turn them into various Dharma treasures and spirit weapons! Such beautiful things, and they are even Dharma treasures and spiritual weapons. They can definitely be sold for a high prices!”

Thinking of the piles of Spirit Stones, the golden pagoda’s eyes were about to turn into Spirit Stones.

Lu Zijia: ” Why was she suddenly so tempted?

Even though the spiritual spring water was good, she definitely wouldn’t have to worry about sales if she sold it. However, the Spirit Spring Water was also a type of natural treasure. Once it was too ostentatious, it would attract countless troubles and even countless people would hunt her down. At that time, she would never have peace.

And these Luminous Pearls and other things were different. Although they were precious, they weren’t unique. Even though they would also attract the covetous eyes of others, they wouldn’t become something that countless people would chase after.

“I wonder how many Luminous Pearls, other pearls and corals your race can trade with us?” After making a decision, Lu Zijia didn’t beat around the bush and asked the octopus sea beast directly.

The eyes of the octopus sea beast immediately glittered like two naked lightbulbs, which made Lu Zijia feel a bit dazzled.

“All of them!”

The octopus replied without thinking. Then, before Lu Zijia spoke again, it rushed out with a whoosh and said something at the same time. “Wait a moment. I’ll be back in a while.”

Lu Zijia, who was standing in front of the gate of the palace: ‘

Why did she feel that this octopus seemed to be afraid that she would go back on her word?

Also, they agreed to entertain them, but now, they were left in front of the palace door. What was going on?

“Oh, oh, oh! The Luminous Pearl is so cooling-”

The golden pagoda rubbed its head against the Luminous Pearl with a look of enjoyment.

“The pearls are cooling too.”

“My big coral is the coldest.”

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes silently and thought to herself, This is more than a thousand meters below the deep sea. How can it not be cold?

A moment later, the octopus sea beast returned as promised.

At the same time, there were a few long lines behind it!

Looking at the Luminous and other pearls, as well as corals on various sea beasts, Lu ZlJ1a.

Damn, she was really going to trade all the Luminous Pearls in the entire East Sea Clan!

No wonder the octopus sea beast was afraid that she would regret it just now…

“Hurry, hurry, hurry. Be quick, but you can’t break them. You have to put them down gently, understand? Otherwise, you won’t get a share of the Spirit Awakening Divine Liquid you exchange for.”

As soon as the octopus sea beast said this, the sea beasts, who originally wanted to use it, instantly changed, and quietly placed the Luminous Pearls and other things that they usually didn’t care about at the designated places.

Fifteen minutes later, three small mountains had already appeared in front of Lu Zijia.

Looking at the three small mountains in front of her, Lu Zijia couldn’t help thinking to herself, IfI take these things to the mortal world, I’ll definitely become the number one tycoon in the world!

Another fifteen minutes later, the original small mountain doubled in size.

Looking at the three piles, they added up to at least 100,000 items.

Her three companions looked at the “mountain piles” they liked and immediately pounced on them crazily, unwilling to move.

Lu Zijia: ‘

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