After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 1876 - Chapter 1876: Prepare to Study Abroad

Chapter 1876: Prepare to Study Abroad

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When Xie Jing saw her behaving like this, he gave up all hope. He knew all about Cui Hua’s ways. There was no one who could act weak and pitiful like her. The principal would definitely believe Cui Hua and let her off. As for him, there was no way out.

Since Wang Wei had admitted to his mistakes and repented, as well as provided a lot of information about Xie Jings illegal activities, the school decided to only remove his assigned job after graduation. He would only get his university degree. All the benefits he was supposed to receive after graduation would be canceled.

Qiao Mei had pleaded with the school for this resolution. In the beginning, the school deemed Wang Wei as a student with bad character and wanted to expel him so as to send a signal to all the other students. However, Qiao Mei felt that Wang Wei had just been influenced by bad company. Since he had admitted his mistake very quickly after the incident, this gesture should be taken into consideration.

Xie Jing was not so lucky. The school announced that Xie Jing would be expelled immediately. In the end, all his years of planning and scheming had been in vain.

During this time, Xie Jing tried to look for Tan Jing, but she did not pick up his call at all. What right did a useless person have to call her? If the matter attracted Huang Quan t s attention, she would be implicated again.

Qiao Mei received confirmation that she qualified to study abroad. She had to go through the documentation process and would soon be able to complete the relevant procedures to go to school overseas.

During the weekend, Qiao Mei asked Wu Duo and the others to come for a gathering at her house. She was leaving soon and they would not be able to get together for a long while.

“You’ve helped me a lot during this period of time, right?” Qiao Mei asked Wu Duo with a smile.

“l didn’t do anything.” Wu Duo scratched his head and pretended not to know anything.

“I know all the things you’ve done. Xie Jing has so many supporters. It’s very impressive that you manage to encourage the other students to go to the security department and provide evidence against Xie Jing. 1 noted down everything you’ve done,” Qiao Mei said.

“l just can’t stand seeing Xie Jing like that. Moreover, our schoolmates are all people with a sense of justice and a conscience. I’m also very surprised that so many people went to report him,” Wu Duo said honestly.

“You guys have done well this time. I feel at ease to leave you here,” Qiao Mei said as she looked at everyone with a look of gratification.

“The quota to study abroad is not limited to this year only. Don’t worry, we will definitely work hard and strive to go overseas to join you next year or the year after!” Li Xue said excitedly.

“Then it’s a deal! If 1 don’t see you, I’ll punish you!” Qiao Mei threatened.

“Tell us first, what’s the punishment?” Li Xue asked.

“Well… if you can’t get the slot to study abroad, I’ll punish you to transcribe all the books! You have to transcribe all the textbooks you have to study over the years! And you have to finish it within a month!” Qiao Mei said.

“Ah! Isn’t this making things difficult for me! My textbooks are much thicker than their textbooks! This is so unfair!” Li Xue pouted and said.

“There’s nothing we can do! Why did you choose this major in the first place? We have a deal! No one is allowed to go back on their word! No one is allowed to break the agreement!” Qiao Mei said as she held out her last finger.

“It’s a deal!” The few of them hooked their fingers together with blissful smiles on their faces. Their future looked to be dazzling and filled with hope.

During this period of time, Qiao Mei stayed at home and focused on preparing for her studies abroad. She did not have to go to school for the time being. In order to celebrate for Qiao Mei and help her with packing, the rest of the family spent their days at the courtyard house and only returned home at night.

“Sigh…” Xu Lan hugged Xia Yue and sighed.

“Mother, why do you keep sighing for the past two days? Did my father make you unhappy?” Xia He asked curiously.

“l just don’t know how long Qiao Mei will be gone this time round. This child is still so young. How can he be away from his mother!” Xu Lan said anxiously.

“The children don’t drink breast milk. There are so many of us around and the children will grow up healthy. Besides, Qiao Mei is only going to school and will be back in a few years. She won’t stay there for the rest of her life,” Xia He persuaded.

Actually, Xu Lan was worried that once Qiao Mei saw the world and the opportunities it presented, she would abandon this family. They were all aware about how capable Qiao Mei was. Instead of saying that the Xia family had helped Qiao Mei to advance in life, it would be more accurate to say that without Qiao Mei, the Xia family would not have their current achievements. Everything they had was courtesy of Qiao Mei, even if other people did not

know that..

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